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  • AfriPad launches Chakala back-to-School campaign with over 25,000,000Ugx in prizes to be won.

    / January 8, 2018

    AfriPad Uganda today launched the Chakala back to School campaign to reward loyal customers with 10,000,000Ugx in school fees and 15,000,000Ugx in scholastic prizes.

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    The campaign was launched today at their head offices in Naguru where through their marketing manager Bruce Muhame they revealed that the campaign will both support parents in getting school fees and sending their children back to school and also give easy access to menstrual hygiene solutions that are affordable, safe and long lasting.

    “Besides the cash prizes where each winner will get 1,000,000Ugx deposited to their school accounts bas school fees, we will also have school hampers, shopping vouchers, Books, Pens, Schhol bags among others to be won” emphasized Bruce Muhame.

    AfriPad are the manufacturers of So Sure pads. Sure reusable sanitary pad are the leading brand of cloth, washable sanitary pads in Uganda. Made from high performance textiles, So Sure reusable sanitary pads are highly absorbent, quick drying and stain free providing superior feminine hygiene, protection and comfort. So Sure reusable sanitary pads can be used effectively for over 12 months due to the cloth, washable design making them durable, cost saving and ecofriendly alternative to the disposable ones.


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