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  • 6 Intimate things to do while having sex with your partner

    / April 20, 2017

    From a long list of the kind of sex that people enjoy the most, it varies from the distant, rough animalistic sex to slow sensual sex. The best kind of sex voted by people still remains the sensual, cuddly one because of the emotions involved. This kind of sex is called differently, its lovemaking.

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    “Being connected to your partner makes you feel desired, which is a powerful arousal trigger,” says Los Angeles-based sex therapist Linda De Villers, Ph.D., author of Love Skills.

    In this list, we discuss what little things or tricks to do during sex to take it from 20% to 100% without re-inventing the will, just a little suggestions, here and there, as discussed Molly Triffin, Women’s Health.

    1. Music can help

    Music might not necessarily help that much if you’re less than a minute man, you need to last longer for it to be good. Here is a trick, spend a lot of time during foreplay, not use saying the music has to be slow and romantic, you should have gotten that memo by now. After spending plenty of time on foreplay, have him enter you sloooowly, inch-by-inch. Ask him to slide in partway and then pull out once or twice before immersing himself completely, says De Villers.

    When the sex begins, let the rhythm of the music still guide your lovemaking, and not go fast and hard strokes. “Feeling emotionally close is about going at a leisurely pace,” says De Villers. “When you take the time to enjoy each other during every moment, you’ll feel more connected.”

    2. Give him the look

    It might sound cheesy but there is a look that you can give in bed to make your partner feel more comfortable. That sight of you looking him/her in the eye that you’re enjoying this. “People feel truly understood when someone is looking into their eyes,” says De Villers. “Not to mention, one would be hard-pressed to think about things like the grocery list while making intense eye contact.” It makes sure everyone is on the same frequency.

    Also make sure that the stare/gaze doesn’t become weird and embarrassing the key is knowing when to stop it all.

    3. Start from the beginning

    When relationship become more relaxed, after the honeymoon phase has gone, couples tend to kiss less and less as the day, weeks, months, and even years go by. You need to have more tongue wrestling activity in your relationship, especially during love making. If you’re in positions whereby it’s easy for some lip on lip action, take full advantage of that. “Kissing during the act deepens your connection because it makes sex less goal-focused,” says De Villers.

    For even feedback, kissing during sex can give you an idea of how good you’re doing in the sack, how intensive the kiss is. If the position doesn’t allow you to kiss, you can take a quick break then get back to it.

    4. Breathe in and out

    Synchronized breathing isn’t an Olympic event, at least not yet but you can achieve that with your partner, it ensures that both of you are in sync. “Synchronized breathing is a part of a tantric approach to sex, which is all about forming a union,” says De Villers. Make sure you’re both taking the deep breathes together.  “Not only does this calm you down, making you feel cared for, but it leads to more satisfying sex,” she says. “Your body has to be relaxed in order to trigger the sexual response cycle.”

    5. Soak it all in

    While sex is happening, the body and the environment with your partner seem to be one, you should also be in unison with this. To have this in full effect, do the spoon sex style, where you both lay by each other on the side. There is a lot of room here for the skin to skin contact, the arms can wrap around eachother. It can be every intimate.

    6. Bring in the dirty talk

    These are different from the “I want you or I love you” lines. It’s way raunchier than that, they’re more intimate than that, for a lady, she can say things such as “I love how you feel inside me”. Comments like this are bound to be make his blood flow increase. And for the guy, you can compliment her scent or taste, during oral sex.

    Another intimacy-enhancing tip: “Talking about the way your partner smells and tastes is incredibly personal,” she says. During oral sex, tell him, “I love your scent,” or “You taste so good.” Can’t get much more intimate than that.




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