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  • 5 Things to know before starting a relationship on social media

    / April 7, 2017

    There are loads of stories that show clearly that love can be found on social media.

    Uncountable marriages began with a ‘hi’ on Facebook, Instagram was where some others found the bone of their bones, and many others can share stories of true romance which they found on Whatsapp.

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    Don’t get carried away though, for every rosy love story which began by typing the right words at the right time, there are many others that got snuffed out before its embers could glow.

    So, before you try to initiate a relationship with that pretty babe or buff guy you’ve been crushing on, these are five things you should know;

    1. It could be a glorious success…

    As already stated above, love lives in the Nigerian atmosphere and with good Internet connection and a nice chunk of luck, you can tap into it.

    If you’ve found someone online whose persona has caught you in a web of attraction, don’t be afraid to say something, it could be the beginning of great things for you.

    2. Or maybe an epic failure

    Just as you could create a fairytale romance, you could also experience failure. Sometimes, the guy or girl might be taken, or they could have no interest in social media/Internet relationships.

    It’s a game of half chances… you win some, you lose some.

    3. You might not like them in person

    Sadly, some people are not as fun in person as they are on social media.

    Thanks to filters and other picture-editing tools, some other people have a different look on their social media pages and another one in real life.

    This is referred to as being ‘catfished.’ Catfishing is the act of luring someone into a relationship by adopting a fictional online persona.

    You gotta watch out for those ones, too.

    4. You could get curved

    When you get curved on social media [mostly on twitter and Instagram, it means that someone intentionally rejected you with an intention to ridicule you or make a mess of you.

    This is common with ladies [of course] and they often say no to you in the rudest, insulting and shadiest manners possible. That’s actually what makes it a curve.

    5. Your privacy is at stake

    This often comes directly as a result of being curved. When some babes curve guys [or when it happens the other way round] they sometimes take screenshots of the curve and put it on their timeline for all to see.




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