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  • 5 Relationship Resolutions That You Shouldn’t Skip Out On For 2017

    / January 6, 2017

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    Hello, 2017. The brand New Year is here and the perfect time to wipe that slate clean and fix everything that went wrong with life last year. If you weren’t too happy with the way your relationship shaped up in 2016, now is the perfect time to examine things and fix matters. Whatever your resolution list is, be sure that you include these five practices to ensure that you have happier and healthier relationships in 2017.

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    1. Dinner Dates

    You might find them overrated or even a chore at times (all that dressing up can be a pain). However, date nights are the perfect way to put in some effort into an otherwise monotonous relationship and spice up the game. Plan some great dates, dress up, send him surprise gifts and simply have fun.

    2. Flirt More

    With each other of course. You know that amazing “butterflies in your stomach” warm feeling you would get each time your eyes met across the room? Recreate that kind of magic again. Tease him in front of his friends, grab his hand when he is least expecting it, hug him in the middle of a conversation … just make things magical again.

    3. Make Space

    Figuratively and literally, make space for each other. Put him high up there on your priority list (don’t forget to call him because you were in meetings all day long), give him his space at home (let him sit on the sofa and binge watch Netflix if he wants) and watch the difference. Once you start treating each other as priorities, and not as people who can be pushed around because they’ll understand, you’ll automatically see a shift in your relationship.

    4. Don’t Demand Perfection

    Because then you are setting him and yourself up for failure. No one is perfect and you both are bound to mess up every once in a while. So forgive yourself and him and learn to let go.

    5. Stop Comparing

    There are always going to be a million people who seem to be having a better relationships than you. Their Facebook profiles are more fun, their status updates seems like they are having a ball … but are they really? Stop comparing your relationship and just have fun with what you have.


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