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  • 5 Mind tricks to make your sex better

    / February 17, 2017

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    Your state of mind most times can help you have better sex. As you’ve no doubt confirmed that if your mind is on right, then it can positively affect your sexual experience while vice versa can result a horrendous sex. The point of the release the sex is supposed to help with then becomes defeated.

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    This is to help you make your sex life better without really doing much more than what you’ve been doing. These tricks have been compiled by Allison Berry, Women’s Health Magazine.

    1. Remind yourself sex is about to happen

    A clouded mind is one you don’t want during sex, just like you remind yourself about tasks you need accomplished, add sex to that list, you don’t have to write it down literally. Put in your mind.

    “You can get in the mood by reminding yourself that you like sex” says Tammy Nelson, Ph.D,, author of Getting the Sex You Want.

    Nelson also advises that taking a few minutes to think about how a good sex can make you feel good. “Whatever message you feed yourself is what your brain will respond to,” says Nelson.

    2. Have the sex pep talk

    Not anything as elaborate as a political talk for good sex. A simple mantra will help your mind weed through outside distractions and focus on doing the dirty, says Sari Locker, Ph.D., sex educator at Columbia University and author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Amazing Sex.

    “‘Before sex, think. ’This is my time for pleasure’” Locker says. Removing negatives thoughts before sex can help you achieve better sex.

    3. Try to imagine your orgasm face

    The whole complete thing but see yourself having the best time during sex. Doing this before or during sex primes your brain to feel capable of amazing pleasure, says Locker. Master this and make Deepak Chopra proud.

    4. Select the appropriate music

    Try to find music that helps you relax, some music that reminds of your something wonderful maybe the song that was playing the last time you had fantastic sex. The trick here is that it takes your mind back to when you felt really good. “Songs that remind us of moments of intimacy can trigger memories of lovemaking, and increase arousal as a result,” says Nelson.

    5. Set the scene

    The condition it is about to happen should be familiar and relaxing. “A smell, like a candle or incense, is a reminder of good times on other nights,” says Nelson. “Lighting that candle or incense triggers a smell that tells your brain it’s time to get turned on.”


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