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  • 3 Sex positions that are known to break the pen1s

    / April 20, 2017

    We tend to get carried away while we are having sex, same sensation that happens when we’re having a terrific time, we just throw caution to the wind, or take the training wheels off the bicycle and then the unthinkable happens, you fall off the bike on high speed, and in terms of sex, probably hear the sound you’re hoping it isn’t.

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    The sound and despair that follows your junk breaking, in case you’re wondering what it’ll sound like, according to Medical Daily, it will most likely be a cracking or popping sound, then your hard-on goes out in a flash, the color of your dick also changes to shades of purple and blue, due to the pooling blood in the broken d1ck.

    What actually happens when the d1ck breaks is that there is a hole in the tunica albuginea, the part of the d1ck that allows you have a boner.

    The d1ck doesn’t have a bone inside of it, so it cannot break in the sense of the word. Worth noting through a study conducted in 2014 and published in the Advances in Urology journal that in 44 cases of broken phallus, over half, 28 of them were caused by very specific sex positions that have obviously been sent from the pits of hell.

    These three sex positions have caused more broken d1cks than the rest, and here is a clue, they’re loved and also among the most popular too.

    1. Cowgirl

    This position you probably thought is dangerous because of how it looks, and how it feels. She is riding you and the view is amazing but it seems she is bit over the edge than you with the raging bull routine. According to Medical Daily, half of broken dicks are caused by a woman sitting on the dick in the cowgirl position. Considering how popular and loved this position is, it’s a big disappointment.

    “In this position, the woman controls movement with her body weight as she’s on the erect penis,” the researchers wrote in the study. “Here, the man is unable to stop the penetration if it goes awry.”

    I’m not going to tell you to stop cowgirl position, will just say be careful how you go about it.

    2. Doggy style

    Someone has to be bearer of the bad news, this dick breaking business is really trying to take away all the fun from having sex. Doggy style which is like world’s most preferred sex position is caught in this demonic web. Apparently, 29% of broken penises are caused from doing her from behind. Also as a result of going too hard, so you should have a second thought when she says “Harder!!”.

    “In this position, the man exerts a lot of power into his thrusts, which can take a wrong turn if he is not diligent,” the researchers said, just remember to be very careful with your target practice because your penis might be the one paying your target missing disaster.

    3. Missionary

    Apparently, missionary style has also been compromised. The most boring sex position in the world isn’t left out. It’s the third sex position that can potentially break your dick.

    This position is one that I didn’t think would ever of, the position that was probably invented by Adam and Eve can break your dick? Yes it can

    To bring it all back, your chances of breaking your penis are quite low but not impossible, so just be careful, and in case it happens to you. Just rush to the hospital immediately.




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