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  • 3 Pleasurable sex positions for new mothers

    / January 9, 2017

    Every new mom wants sex to be pleasurable after childbirth, but she feels a little sensitive about her readiness¬† “down there” because some positions are more welcoming and pain-free than others.

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    Most women ask: Is it safe to dive straight back into the pool of coitus after delivery? Is the vagina healed and ready for the hectic life of humping?

    Don’t burden your mind with such assumptions, try these and share your thoughts.


    When having sex after baby, it’s best to take things slow. Missionary position is a good start to test your level of pain or comfort of doing the deed. This position serves most postpartum women well, even those who’ve suffered tears.


    Lying on your side is a great way to make sure your stomach is protected during sex. With the guy entering from behind, this is a great choice for those who have had a C-section and may be worried about putting pressure on the incisions.

    Woman on top

    The woman get to control the entry speed and angle of penetration. Whether both of you are lying down or sitting up, this position puts less pressure on your body and allows you to experiment if your body is ready for active sexual intercourse.




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