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  • 28-Year-Old Indonesian Guy Marries 82-Year-Old Woman

    / March 24, 2017

    How did the 28-year-old Indonesian guy marry the old woman? How did they get acquainted? Read the information below to learn more about it.

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    The 28-year-old Indonesian married the woman who is more senior than him for 54 years.

    The man Sofian Loho Dandel works as the mechanic, as reported in Tuko Kenya. A year ago, he was called by the stranger, Martha Potu. She has dialed the number by mistake. Dandel was fascinated by her voice from the first hearing.

    “I have just answered a call. It was pleasant to me how she was presented and how politely she spoke. We talked about an hour. Then have begun to call up. She likes my chores, she was careful and energetic. I became attached to her more and more. Earlier, I never dated anybody. And now I have understood what it is to fall in love,” Dandel said.

    After a while, the guy has decided to come to visit the beloved. He was shocked: the 82-year-old woman opened the door. All the time, while they communicated, Martha didn’t disclose her age.

    Dandel learned that she lived alone. The husband died 10 years ago. Two children have gone to work abroad. Touched by Marta’s history, Dandel has promised to stay with her forever. Relatives of the groom were shocked by age of his darling.

    “We didn’t know that he has chosen a granny! He didn’t say how old she was until we met her. Of course, we were struck. But we saw that they really loved each other. Therefore, we have accepted his choice,” Dandel’s mother, 60-year-old Magdalena says.

    On February 18, a couple got married. Martha calls the young husband “Charisma”. “I prayed to God that he has sent me the lover, which will be able to take care of me in old age. And he has heard my prayers,” the woman said.

    As you see, there are such situations in the real life. As many people say, “love has no age”.



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