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SC Villa

SC Villa returns to league action tomorrow against Simba SC

By Robert Kayindi James After missing the first two match days of the second round, 16-time record champions, Sports Club Villa return to action tomorrow against Simba Sports Club in the Azam Uganda Premier League (AUPL). The Jogoos who travel…

February 29, 2016

Airtel Uganda makes half a million Facebook fans, gives out free data to celebrate milestone.

Airtel Uganda, the smartphone network, is feeling very generous after making half a million fans on Facebook recently. To celebrate the milestone, the telecom company has given out free data bundles. As a way of appreciating its customers for sticking to the smartphone…

February 29, 2016

The 3rd edition of the annual Kabaka’s Birthday Run is on

For the last two years, Buganda Kingdom has held an annual Kabaka Birthday Run to commemorate the Kabaka’s birthday and at the same time as a flag bearing fundraising vehicle towards the fistula eradication project run by the Kitovu Hospital. From 2014,…

February 29, 2016

Nigerian pop artiste, Rave releases new music video – “TONIGHT”. Watch it here!

Cadilly Entertainment presents Nigerian pop sensation Wilfred Utere, popularly known to his fans as Rave in the release of his debut music video: TONIGHT. The multi-talented entertaineris an acclaimed dancer and entertainer, best known for winning the Nigerian dance show: National ‘Maltina Dance All’ Season 8 (2014)….

February 29, 2016

Nigerian singer J’odie releases “I Lost My Mind” video. Watch it here!

Multiple Award-winning Nigerian Songstress, Joy Nnaji – J’odie born on the 22nd of June, is a young soulful singer from Nigeria with a personality that exudes African freshness and originality. Her first sets of singles: Fighter and KuchiKuchi (Oh baby) were…

February 29, 2016

Don Zella with her son Britton

“Not all men who put on trousers are real men” – Sheila Patience blasts ex-huby Professor Big Eye as their kid starts school.

Events promoter and ex-lover to musician Professor Big Eye, Sheila Patience Zella has come out to blast the singer saying that she is now a ‘mother and father’ to their kids as she solely takes care of all their needs. This was after her child Britton Diamond…

February 29, 2016

8 Tricks to Make Your Orgasm Even BETTER

If you learned a killer new workout that made your body feel incredible, you’d likely share it with your friends. But when it comes to sex, men aren’t as likely to trade tips. And that’s a shame. So we’ll get…

February 29, 2016

Uganda Dating, sex life, Sex

5 Kama Sutra Positions You Should Try

Looking to move beyond missionary? Try turning to the Kama Sutra—the ancient sex bible that’s full of bizarre, awkward, and ridiculously acrobatic sex positions that most of us have never tried. While that might sound uninviting, there’s a reason that…

February 29, 2016

Ladies: Here’s What Men ALWAYS Notice About You During Sex

First off, the things we don’t notice: if your nails are chipping, your elbows are dry, or you have an ingrown hair somewhere along your bikini line. These are details that generally sail right past us. We’re more inclined to…

February 29, 2016

The 4 Most Dangerous Sex Positions for His P*nis

Not to be a fun-sucker, but getting rowdy while getting it on can be risky business, especially for his package. While living dangerously is pretty freaking great, sometimes when you play with fire, you get burned. Sex injuries don’t happen…

February 29, 2016