Sheilah Gashumba
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  • At 19 Years, Sheilah Gashumba Became One of The Few Ugandans To Get 20 Million Cheque [Evidence Leaks]

    / December 4, 2017

    Sheilah Gashumba

    By Our Reporter

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    Probably Uganda’s most successful youngstar, Sheilah Gashumba continues to scale the heights of greatness.

    Now a cheque has leaked that proves she could have been Uganda’s first teenager to earn 17 million at once. Before she made 20 years of age, Radiant paid Sheilah to endorse their products in 2015, a job she did so well.

    The CEO of Gash Glam, could now have added to the many records she has broken in the past. She was the youngest journalist to have ever covered a CHOGM event and was recognized by the Queen of England.

    We now bring you the mega bounty that Sheilah Gashumba landed as a youngster. So we ask, how many Ugandans have been able to earn such even at 50 years of age?

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