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  • 11 Things You Need To Do If You Feel Your Partner Is Ignoring You

    / September 16, 2016

    Men sometimes can be really difficult to understand. They might seem to be very chilled out and simple souls, but their complex behaviours can sometimes leave you wondering what they actually intend to do or want. More so in a relationship, there are times when they just completely shut off or ignore their partner. It could be because of work stress, family problems, mood swings, or just the need for some space. But at the time like this, what should the woman do?

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    Should she get after him to tell her the reason behind this behavior, should she fight, should she ignore him or do something else? Well, we get you the solution right here, by giving you a list of things you must do if you feel your man is ignoring you at any point in your relationship.

    #1. Don’t underestimate your ‘self-worth’

    Whether you are his girlfriend or wife, working or a housewife, never ever think that there is something wrong with you or it must surely be your fault that he is ignoring you. You are strong, true, confident and independent. Never blame yourself and underestimate the awesome person you are.

    #2. You create a strong curiosity

    If he is not talking to you properly, don’t start talking to him or clinging on to him the minute he comes in front of you or calls. Act mysterious and busy. This will create a curiosity in him, wanting to know what is more interesting to you than him.

    #3. Come in the good books of his family and close friends

    If his family and friends can’t stop bragging about you all the time (good things of course), what choice will he have other than coming back to you and behaving well. Also, let him enjoy his moment of ‘my choice rocks’!

    #4. Get to the spa, get relaxed and get pretty

    You need to seem irresistible to him. Go to the spa, get a good facial and massage, wear sexy clothes and put on some makeup. Make him want you even more. He will surely forget the meaning of ignoring, by seeing you this way.

    #5. Be a confident girl

    Men love women who are confident, well most of them at least! Stand on your decisions, be independent and don’t give him a ‘girl next door’ image of yourself. But at the same time, know the difference between being confident and being bossy.

    #6. Be good to him, appreciation won’t hurt

    Compliment him, appreciate what he does well, ignore what he messes up and be nice to him in general, not because you have to but because you want to.

    #7. Just try to talk it out and don’t push him too hard

    If he is not telling you what is bothering him, just let him be. Pushing him too hard might actually cost you your relation. When the time is right, he will come and confide in you himself and until then, just be calm and patient.

    #8. Stop being the nagging woman

    You may say you don’t, but you actually do. While it is alright sometimes, nagging and cribbing when he is not in the right frame of mind might make him ignore you even more.

    #9. Get on to the internet, watch a movie, read a book or do the things you otherwise don’t have time for

    Basically, in the time you get free from him, instead of stressing about why he is ignoring you, just do all the things you wanted to do for a long time, but just never got the time as you were busy with him.

    #10. Facebook to the rescue

    Post awesome picture of yourself, post check in’s at nice places with your friends along with happy statuses. You being unaffected by his ignoring will want him to get you back more than ever.

    #11. Make out

    Kiss him passionately, use the power of touch and mesmerise him by your killer moves. There is no way on earth he will be able to ignore you after that.




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