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  • 11 Awkward Situations To Expect When Your Boyfriend Meets Your Parents For the First Time

    / May 4, 2016


    Parents these days are quite open-minded and they are happy to interact with your boyfriend. Of course you are answerable to them but isn’t it amazing that they know who you are dating and that you have a commitment. So if you are planning to introduce your boyfriend to your parents, expect these situations to occur. More or less, it will be fine.

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    1. The awkward smiles: That’s the most common thing that will happen. Everyone is just going to smile.

    2. Dad’s straight face: Girl, your dad loves you. So when he learns that there is a man you love more than him, of course he will be a little jealous and it will be evident on his face.

    3. You will have to do the balancing act: You are the middle man(woman) between both the parties hence you are the one balancing everything. From treating your parents with great honour and respect to making your BF feel comfortable, you have to do it all.

    4. Discuss the future plans: Yes, you just introduced him as your boyfriend, but for your parents he is the future son-in-law, so be prepared to answer questiond about your future plans.

    5. Your mom will question him about his mother: Moms are the cutest. She will definitely question him about his mom and her habits.

    6. Expect them to ask if your boyfriend’s parents know: Your parents will definitely be concerned about your boyfriend’s parents’ opinion. This question is definitely going to pop up.

    7. When are you guys planning to get married: Yes, be ready for this big one!

    8. The how-you-guys-met story: Ahem, this one is definitely going to pop up and think of a good story, especially if you met on Tinder.

    9. Where do you guys often meet: This one is to know exactly what base you guys have crossed. So make sure you have a well curated answer.

    10. How much do you earn: No matter how much you scream about equality, your parents will ask this question.

    11. The welcome-to-the-family-hug: Of course, if everything works in your favour there will be a welcome hug.


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