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  • 10 Perfect Responses To The “Why Are You Still Single” Question

    / January 6, 2017


    It’s 2017 and while we’re hoping for good things to flow in, we know the eternal ‘why are you still unmarried’ question remains unchanged. We still have friends and family members popping this question and demanding an answer like it’s their right to be 100 per cent involved in your love life. While they refuse to let up, that in no way means that you have to put up with their sh*t. Here are some really kickass answers to their constant interference.

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    1. Beta you are so smart, good looking and fun. Why can’t you find a boy?

    I don’t know aunty, maybe I am overqualified for this shit!

    2. Thirty and still single. How?

    Just got lucky I guess *crosses fingers*

    3. You need a man in your old age to take care of you.

    Aunty, I have my cats, hai na?

    4. All this modern bullsh*t of being in love and not getting married is stupid. Find a boy.

    Were Radha and Krishna married? KThnxBye aunty.

    5. I want to see my grandkids before I die.

    Don’t worry mom, I don’t need to be married to have kids *wink*

    6. You are so beautiful, look around and you’ll find so many boys.

    Uncle are you hitting on me *cue dramatic expressions*

    7. You are wasting your life.

    What! Have you even seen my Twitter followers list?

    8. Beta ….

    *start sobbing* (really loudly).

    9. Beta think of the future.

    Aren’t we all going to be single eventually. When we DIE? *stare pointedly and make them uncomfortable*

    10. This year I think you should find a boy.

    Or a sex robot? I hear they’re creating them. *creepy smile*


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